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Child Custody

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Child Custody Attorney

The negotiation of child custody and visitation rights can be very heated and emotional. Children often have trouble coping and adjusting when they are placed in the middle of their parent’s problems. We work hard to help parents reach consensual agreements on child custody matters to minimize the negative impact of divorce on the children. If agreement cannot be reached, the courts will determine custody and visitation rights.

Looking out for the Best Interest of the Child in Alabama Child Custody Cases

Custody is not presumed by the court to go either to the mother or the father. When initial custody decisions are made, the sole determining factor is what is in the best interests of the child. Most fit parents are granted joint legal custody of their children. Joint legal custody allows both parents to participate in decisions about the child’s education, medical care, and religious training. Courts may also award joint physical custody, allowing both parents to share actual physical custody. In most cases, however, one parent is awarded primary physical custody of the child and the other has visitation rights.

Courts encourage liberal visitation with the non-custodial parent. If the parties cannot reach agreement, most courts order a standard visitation arrangement. Standard visitation is typically every other weekend, one overnight stay during the week and shared time during school breaks, summer vacations and holidays. Courts may also order restricted or supervised visitation in situations where parents have demonstrated inferior parenting skills or when there is abuse or neglect involved.

Seeking Modification in Alabama Family Law Courts

If there is a material change in circumstances after your divorce is finalized, you are entitled to petition the court for a modification of your divorce decree. The material change can be economic, allowing either a decrease or increase in child support. It can also relate to child custody and visitation arrangements and entitle you to request a change to promote the well-being of your children. We provide the legal guidance needed to determine whether a material change exists and the representation in connection with the modification proceedings.

Contact An Experienced Child Custody Attorney

For advice and representation in child custody matters in Huntsville, Albertville, Guntersville, Boaz or neighboring communities, contact a child custody attorney at The Hawkins Law Firm.

Lana Hawkins
Lana Hawkins
Attorney at Law
An Experienced Alabama Family Law Attorney

Attorney Lana Hawkins assists clients in central and northern Alabama in a range of practice areas, including Family Law, Estate Planning, Probate Law, Business and Corporate Law, Criminal Law, Litigation, Mediation and Appeals. Prior to returning to her native state of Alabama, Ms. Hawkins practiced in Palo Alto, California and Washington, D.C.

The firm’s Family Law practice includes contested and non-contested divorces, child custody and visitation, child support awards and enforcement, post-minority support, modification proceedings, asset protection issues, paternity adjudication proceedings, adoptions, juvenile dependency cases, termination of parental rights cases and restraining orders stemming from domestic abuse. Ms. Hawkins has tried hundreds of family law cases, representing parties in divorce cases, biological and adoptive parents, grandparents, caregivers and minor children.

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“I can't say enough good things about Lana Hawkins and her friendly staff at The Hawkins Law Firm! Lana goes the extra mile to help you in your time of need! Lana is a Lawyer with heart and truly cares about her clients! I love Lana because she isn't afraid to break out the gloves and fight for your rights! Caring, professional, and Lana knows the law!”

— Darrell See

“Lana is the best. I can't say enough about her and her staff. They have helped me on a couple of issues and I have always been satisfied with the results. Most impressive is the Hawkins Law Firm winning me custody of my daughter. Thank you so much Lana!”

— Brad Isom

“Thorough, professional, and caring! We made the right choice!”

— Stephanie Lemke

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— Abbey Corbett

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— Sandra Kennemer

“Lana Hawkins is a lawyer who really cares about her clients. We are not just her clients, we are like family. Lana goes above and beyond and will fight for you through all of your legal matters. Her work ethics are to the highest standards. You couldn't ask for more. The staff at The Hawkins Law Firm is very professional and very helpful. I highly recommend The Hawkins Law Firm.”

— Linda Rinard Casey

“Thanks to Lana, I'm spending my first night back in my house. If Lana hadn't taken the preemptive steps she did, I would have lost everything. She will forever be my go-to attorney!”

— Sandra Casey

“A+ Treatment ! Superior knowledge, and goal oriented . I strongly recommend !”

— Matthew Kennemer

“Could not have chosen a better lawyer to represent me!! Lana is great at what she does and is so passionate about her career.. Your money will not be wasted!!”

— Amber Blair
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