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Affectionate young woman parent cuddle girl child by kitchen table

Tips for a Working Divorced Single Parent

By Lana Hawkins |

Raising kids while married is difficult. Raising kids while divorced and single is even more challenging. When you need to work to support yourself and your family on top of all that, it can sometimes feel overwhelming. Below, our experienced Alabama divorce and child custody attorney offers some tips on how to effectively cope… Read More »

Single woman alone swinging on the beach

What is Marital Abandonment in Alabama?

By Lana Hawkins |

Alabama, like every other state, now offers a form of “no-fault” divorce. Parties can file for divorce without alleging or proving any of the traditional grounds for divorce such as cruelty or adultery. Alabama still allows parties to file for divorce based on fault grounds, however, if they so choose. Marital abandonment remains one… Read More »

Man felling negative emotions during christmas

Tips for Dealing With Divorce During Holidays

By Lana Hawkins |

Divorce changes things. Your daily routine will be different, as will your holidays. Particularly if you have shared children, the first set of holidays after divorce can pose significant challenges, both logistically and emotionally. Below, our seasoned Alabama divorce and family law attorney offers some tips to get you through the holidays during and… Read More »

Man woman standing with back facing each other. Argument, and disagreement concept.

What Are the Legal Separation Laws in AL?

By Lana Hawkins |

Divorce is a decision that rings in finality. Although some divorced couples do get back together, the concept of divorce is focused on the marriage being irreparable and the parties wishing to sever nearly all legal ties to one another. Some parties consider other options before divorcing, or even in lieu of divorcing when… Read More »

Brunette upset at seeing boyfriend with other girl

Can I Date While Going Through a Divorce?

By Lana Hawkins |

A divorce should be the first step toward the next phase in your life. Divorce is a time of change, renewal, and growth. While you might be eager to move on with your life as soon as the divorce is filed, there are reasons why dating during a divorce can be detrimental to your… Read More »

Sad woman holding ring feeling upset disappointed regret unhappy marriage

What Are the Grounds for Annulment in Alabama?

By Lana Hawkins |

Annulment is a much more comprehensive and severe legal measure as compared to divorce. A divorce dissolves or ends the marriage. An annulment declares that, for all intents and purposes, the marriage never occurred. If a party successfully annuls a marriage, then for the purposes of insurance, inheritance, and all other legal considerations, that… Read More »

opened safe

What Are the Consequences of Hiding Assets in Divorce?

By Lana Hawkins |

Divorces are often heated, emotionally-charged affairs. Spouses are often looking for any opportunity to get one over their soon-to-be-ex, such as by protecting property to which they believe they are entitled or reducing their alimony or child support obligation. Each party is required to file a statement of all known assets during their divorce… Read More »

deprivation of parental rights. concept of custody of a child. legal divorce. hammer of a judge. family court, law. parents stand on scales. trial

What Are Common Child Custody Mistakes?

By Lana Hawkins |

Child custody is one of the most important and sensitive parts of a divorce. Many people make choices during and after their divorces without realizing how these decisions might impact their child custody rights. Continue reading for a discussion of a few of the more common mistakes that parents make during and after divorce… Read More »

Divorced parents with their son visiting lawyer. Concept of child support

Reasons to Modify Child Custody in Alabama

By Lana Hawkins |

In an ideal world, the final divorce decree would be the last word on the matter. You and your spouse would part, all legal and financial issues would be resolved, and the dictates of the court’s final order would carry forward. We do not, unfortunately, live in an ideal world, and circumstances change. If… Read More »

Estate Planning Featured Image

5 Essential Steps For Estate Planning

By Lana Hawkins |

A solid estate plan is one of the important financial planning arrangements every adult must-have. Your estate is the total of your assets. Estate planning has gone beyond just a means to organize our assets or who gets them when we die. Among other advantages, it is also useful in deciding what should happen… Read More »

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