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Divorced parents with their son visiting lawyer. Concept of child support

Reasons to Modify Child Custody in Alabama

By Lana Hawkins |

In an ideal world, the final divorce decree would be the last word on the matter. You and your spouse would part, all legal and financial issues would be resolved, and the dictates of the court’s final order would carry forward. We do not, unfortunately, live in an ideal world, and circumstances change. If… Read More »

Estate Planning Featured Image

5 Essential Steps For Estate Planning

By Lana Hawkins |

A solid estate plan is one of the important financial planning arrangements every adult must-have. Your estate is the total of your assets. Estate planning has gone beyond just a means to organize our assets or who gets them when we die. Among other advantages, it is also useful in deciding what should happen… Read More »

Cheerful father and son playing at park

How to Win Your Child Custody Case

By Lana Hawkins |

If you are going through a divorce, separation, or are otherwise fighting for custody of your kids with a co-parent, there are many ways to strengthen your case. There are also several pitfalls to avoid that could ruin your arguments for custody. Alabama family courts care first and foremost about the best interests of… Read More »

Divorce (separation, dissolution, lawyer)

The Cost of Divorce in Alabama

By Lana Hawkins |

There is no sugar-coating it: Divorce, while necessary, can be a difficult and costly affair. The more issues that you and your spouse can agree upon, the easier and cheaper the divorce process will be. If your divorce is heavily contested, however, and if it involves complex issues concerning finances, property division, and child… Read More »

Happy african father holding embracing cute little child daughter

Father Child Custody Statistics

By Lana Hawkins |

Historically, there was a common stereotype that mothers always got custody of the kids in the divorce. This common belief was largely borne out in the past when women more commonly chose to forego careers in favor of homemaking. Because they were primarily responsible for child-rearing, they tended to be favored for custody. It… Read More »


What You Need to Know About Child Custody and Visitation in Alabama

By Lana Hawkins |

Child custody is often one of the most hotly contested issues in an Alabama divorce. Below, we provide some general advice and knowledge about how custody and visitation operate in Alabama. Reach out to an

Family figure and gavel on table. Family law

Tips to Co-Parent After a Divorce

By Lana Hawkins |

Divorces are complicated at the best of times. When children are part of the equation, things can be even more difficult and emotionally-charged. After a divorce involving kids, it is important to keep the children’s well-being first and foremost in your mind. Below we offer a few tips to help you co-parent with your… Read More »

Upset, frustrated little girl tired of parents fight

Common Alabama Divorce Mistakes

By Lana Hawkins |

Even at the best of times, divorces can be, unfortunately, difficult. They represent a serious change in the lives of the parties and a change in how they view their relationship and family. If you are facing the possibility of divorce, the earlier you start planning and the earlier you get a divorce attorney… Read More »

Child Custody

What are the Best Interest of the Child Factors for Custody in Alabama?

By Lana Hawkins |

Regardless of whether you are a married couple divorcing or unmarried co-parents vying for custody, under Alabama law, the question regarding custody of the kids is the same: What is in the best interests of the children? The answer to that question will determine who gets primary custody, whether the parents can share joint… Read More »

Probation Man Wrapped in Tape Restricted Limited Movement

Supervised vs. Unsupervised Probation in Alabama

By Lana Hawkins |

If you are convicted of a crime in Alabama, you might or might not be subject to incarceration. With a strong legal defense, you may be granted probation instead of jail time either at the time you are convicted or as a condition of early release after serving some time. Probation in Alabama can… Read More »

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