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Doctor points at result on paternity test result form

Establishing Paternity in Alabama

By Lana Hawkins |

Paternity, the legal status of being a father, carries a host of rights and responsibilities beginning with the birth of a child (or the establishment of paternity) and continuing on for the life of the child.  In a previous post, we discussed the importance of establishing paternity for Alabama parents.  The State of Alabama… Read More »

Signs for a divorce

Signs You Should Consider Divorce

By Lana Hawkins |

No one goes into a marriage planning on getting divorced.  We get married expecting to stay with the same person for the rest of our lives.  When the marriage starts to deteriorate, there are any number of reasons why we want to try to fix the relationship and make it work:  love, children, financial… Read More »

Same sex couple with adopted child

Same-Sex Adoption in Alabama

By Lana Hawkins |

Alabama has a tepid relationship towards LGBT rights.  While Alabama, like all other states, recognizes the right of same-sex couples to marry following the 2015 Supreme Court decision in Obergefell v. Hodges, the conservative state legislature and courts are often on the lookout for ways to limit the scope of that decision.  Read on… Read More »

Dog on a leash

Who Gets the Dog in an Alabama Divorce?

By Lana Hawkins |

Divorces are always difficult and often involve contentious fights over specific assets.  One common dispute that arises:  What happens to the family pet?  Illinois recently passed a law that treats pets more like children in a divorce, following on the heels of a similar law in Alaska.  Courts in Illinois will now consider the… Read More »

A divorced couple that still remain roommates

Making a Roommate out of a Former Spouse after an Alabama Divorce

By Lana Hawkins |

Breaking up isn’t just hard to do—it’s expensive to do. Couples filing for divorce will find themselves facing court costs, attorneys’ fees, and support payments to their former spouse or for their child. On top of these costs come the expenses of living on your own, which could require you to purchase all-new furniture… Read More »

Gavel on top of a pile of cash

Recent Alabama Law Limits Indefinite Alimony

By Lana Hawkins |

Effective this year, a law recently went into effect that will impact how and when courts will order alimony in an Alabama divorce.  Continue reading for details about the new Alabama alimony law, and contact a qualified and knowledgeable divorce attorney with any additional questions. Alabama House Bill 257:  Rehabilitative and Interim Alimony Under… Read More »

Contested divorce where spouse won't sign the divorce papers

My Spouse Won’t Sign the Papers: Contested Divorce in Alabama

By Lana Hawkins |

It’s a common theme on TV and in Hollywood movies:  “My husband/wife won’t sign the papers, so I can’t finalize the divorce!”  In reality, you don’t need your spouse’s consent to file for divorce, although it does make the process easier.  Alabama has a procedure in place for divorces where the parties can’t agree… Read More »

A form that reads "Child Support Agreement" to indicate recent changes in the law regarding Alabama child support

Recent Changes to Alabama Child Support Calculations May Reduce Support Obligations for Some Parents

By Lana Hawkins |

The Alabama State Bar recently implemented an amendment to Rule 32 of the Alabama Rules of Judicial Administration which may reduce the amount owed by some child support payers.  Rule 32 governs how child support payments are calculated following a divorce.  The amended rule went into effect on June 1, 2018.  The rule does… Read More »

New estate tax law 2018 document

The New Tax Law And Estate Tax Considerations in Alabama

By Lana Hawkins |

In December 2017 President Trump signed into law the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (the 2017 Act).  The new tax law goes into effect this year and may significantly affect estate planning for high net-worth individuals. Under federal law, the estates of decedents who leave behind property may owe an estate and gift tax. … Read More »

Retirement plan folder

New Alabama Law Changes How Retirement Accounts Are Distributed in a Divorce

By Lana Hawkins |

Filing for divorce is never easy, and wading through the complicated rules for valuing and dividing up different kinds of property is a chore best left to experienced divorce attorneys.  Read on to learn about a new law in Alabama that changes how retirement accounts may be distributed in a divorce, and if you… Read More »

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