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A Fresh Start in the New Year

Time bomb

Many of us naturally choose January as a time to assess the state of our lives, to look at whether we like the direction we’re headed or if we feel the need to change course toward a life that would bring us greater fulfillment and happiness. For you, that may mean ending a marriage that is no longer successful. Indeed, January is one of the most popular months to file for divorce. Read on to learn about why many couples choose to end their marriages in January.

The holidays took a toll on the relationship

Holidays can create a perfect storm of stressors on a relationship: travel to see family and purchasing gifts can pose a burden on a couples’ finances; time spent with in-laws can be challenging; and kids out on extended winter break can make everyone a little crazy. Healthy couples can withstand these stresses without causing a serious rift in their relationship, but when there are preexisting cracks in a marriage’s foundation, the holidays can push a couple to the breaking point.

Couples wait until the new year to have the money they need to divorce

The end of the year can come with high expenses that seriously drain a couple’s bank account. Some spouses have to wait until the new year for their finances to be sufficiently replenished to cover the expenses associated with divorce, such as renting an apartment and retaining a lawyer. Additionally, some couples choose not to miss out on the benefits of filing their tax return as a married couple, and so find it preferable to wait until the year has ended to file for divorce.

Couples stick it out for the family

Announcing a divorce over a special family meal isn’t an appealing thought to many couples, nor is putting a damper on their children’s holiday by telling them that their parents won’t be together through that special time. If you’re able to remain pleasant and respectful when around your spouse, waiting until the new year can be a selfless and viable choice. That said, if you’re incapable of spending time around your spouse without getting into a fight or nonverbally communicating your misery to all others in the room, then you might want to think about separating anyhow. Children pick up on more than you realize and will not have the joyful holiday you want for them if they can sense that their parents are shooting daggers at one another across the room.

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