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Prenup form

What Can We Include in an Alabama Prenuptial Agreement?

By Lana Hawkins |

As people get married later in life, often after building their careers or purchasing property, couples are less likely to see prenuptial agreements as stigmatized and more likely to see them as a practical way to avoid a messy divorce in the future. Prenuptial agreements can be a civil way to agree in advance… Read More »

Divorced parents talking to teenage daugther

Tell Your Kids about Your Divorce the Right Way

By Lana Hawkins |

You know that breaking the news to your children about your upcoming divorce isn’t going to be easy, but you don’t want them to find out by overhearing a conversation they shouldn’t, or being blindsided by the news on the day your spouse moves out of the house. By planning the conversation with your… Read More »

Mother and daughter

Can Reunification Therapy Help Your Relationship with Your Kids?

By Lana Hawkins |

Divorce and custody disputes can sometimes damage healthy parent/child relationships. When a parent can no longer maintain daily in-home contact with their child, parents and children can quickly become estranged. This distance between parent and child can become even more exacerbated if the parent who holds residential custody makes a deliberate effort to turn… Read More »

Living trust Document

Changes to Make to Your Estate Plan after a Divorce

By Lana Hawkins |

There are so many changes occurring at once when you divorce that it can be easy to let one slip through the cracks. Amidst moving to a new home and sharing custody of your children, you may forget about one of the most important documents you’ll need to update upon divorcing: your estate plan…. Read More »

Wife holding divroce decree form

What to Know Before a “Gray Divorce”

By Lana Hawkins |

Across the US population as a whole, divorce rates have long been on the decline–that is, with the exception of those over 50. One survey found that about one in four people going through a divorce is over 50, and roughly one in 10 is over 64. As people live longer, and as taboos… Read More »

Blocks that read divorce

Plan for a Civil Separation Agreement

By Lana Hawkins |

Deciding to separate from a spouse always comes after a stressful time of fighting or feeling betrayed. It may seem difficult to have a long conversation with your spouse about how your separation will look, but careful planning and a respectful, cooperative attitude can make a separation more successful and less combative, with the… Read More »

Adoptive Parents

What Adoptive Parents Wished They Knew Before Adopting

By Lana Hawkins |

Adoption is a complex process, involving a significant amount of time, money, and dedication. That said, adopting a child can be a wonderful and joyful experience. Knowing about the challenges that you can expect to face during the adoption process can make it easier to cope with these issues as they arise, rather than… Read More »

Entitled to alimony

How to Prove Income When Your Spouse is Self-Employed

By Lana Hawkins |

In the current US economy, the traditional employer/employee model is increasingly less common. More and more, individuals are working on a freelance basis, participants in the so-called “gig” economy. This can pose a challenge during a divorce. When your spouse has a salaried position with a single employer, income information is typically centralized on… Read More »

Time bomb

A Fresh Start in the New Year

By Lana Hawkins |

Many of us naturally choose January as a time to assess the state of our lives, to look at whether we like the direction we’re headed or if we feel the need to change course toward a life that would bring us greater fulfillment and happiness. For you, that may mean ending a marriage… Read More »


Should You Consider a Special Needs Trust for Your Loved One?

By Lana Hawkins |

If you have a family member or loved one with a disability, you understand how difficult it can be to get by as a person with special physical or developmental needs. Public benefits are often insufficient to cover living expenses, but additional assistance aside from those benefits could make that person ineligible to receive… Read More »

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